A new drug factory

Located on the outskirts of Belgrade (Lipovica) 25 from city centre, near the Ibarska motorway, with a network of access roads, parking lot and complete infrastructure, in strictly natural environment. It was specially designed and built for manufacture and storage of pharmaceutical products. The factory is adjusted with principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and Sandoz-Novartis standards.

The factory has internal packing licence by Sandoz quality assurance department, as well as manufaturing licence for primary manufature, primary and secondary packing issued by Ministry of Health of R. Serbia.

The factory is comprised of main and accessory buildings of 2000 m² total area. The factory is specialized for manufacture of solid pharmaceutical products in the form of powders, capsules and tablets.

Current annual capacity of the factory

  • 1 million of powder dietetic products in doses of 100 gr and 250 gr
  • 2.5 mil. boxes of drugs containing 10 bags of powder
  • 16 mi. boxes of drugs containing 2 PVC/PVDC blisters or
  • 8 mil. boxes of drugs containing 2 ALU/ALU blisters.

The solutions applied enable flexible, fast and simple approach to increasing capacity of production, additional implementation of new technological-production lines in the spare area of 750 m².

Spatial needs in the initial stage of work of the production plant are based on the area of 1300 m² which besides production includes accompanying storage space for storing initial materials, packaging and finished products, processing labs, wardrobes for changing clothes, techincal space with installations, canteen for employees and commercial-administration area.

The production area has 380m² of which 280m² belongs to clean rooms ISO 8 class in state of rest, which implies HEPA filtering, required temperature, moisture and difference in pressure, as well as constant monitoring of ambient conditions through meter sensors, surfice and air samples which are tested in microbiology lab.

The said facts, together with the application of modern production technologies, gurantee high and reproductive quality of products, which is able to meet at any time the strict requirements of pharmaceutical production.

Builging of such a modern prodcution area presents a big step in development of the company, which enables good positioning within the pharmacaeutical group.