About the Company

  • 1993. This company was incorporated in 1993 with initial idea – gradual development and setting up a strong production-oriented pharmaceutical company.
  • 1994. Galenic laboratory released the first master product Kalii chloridi pulvis,
  • 1995. We started a range of dietetic products with preparation Diamel – natural fruit sugar for diet and diabetes patients.
  • 1996. In this year, utility production for two domastic companies were performed.
  • 1997. In keeping with recommendations of the World Health Organization, Combined potassium salt was made, the preparation with lower content of sodium and higher content of potassium.
  • 1999. Marketing of laxative Magnesii sulfas as master preparation.
  • 2000. Introduction of production line for making tablets. Antacid baking soda tablets released.
  • 2001. Preparations for making a new drug factory.
  • 2002. Start of production of capsuled preparations. Navisan released – as prevention and therapy for driving disease. Vitamin C 500 released.
  • 2003. Ufar got location and documentation for building a new drug factory. European investment bank grants a credit for greenfield project. We started building a factory.
  • 2005. We released Hot&Fresh bonbon (comprimate) sugar-free in three flavours, oral deodorant and antiseptic.
  • 2004-2009 Construction of new drug factory. Modernization of the existing and purchase of new technology equipment for production of solid pharmaceutical products.
  • 2010. Signing a contract with SANDOZ for production of 30 leading medicaments in several therapeutical categories in the form of tablets and blisters intended for the market of Serbia and Montenegro.
    Sandoz is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world, which manufactures generic medicaments and according to turnover of that group of medicaments, holds by far the first place in Europe. Sandoz operates as part of Novartis group - leading drug manufacturer in the world.
    As a company devoted to interests of patients in Serbia, Sandoz based on its idea of increasing availability of quality medicaments in the market, positioned its brand as a domestic product, giving its confidence and part of its production to domestic company – Ufar.
    Sandoz-Ufar cooperation successfully started in 2010, following complete adjustment of Ufar production site with strict criteria and standards of Sandoz and Novartis group, in the aim of maintaining high quality of drug production.
    By means of continual maintenance of quality of its products and cooperation with all relevant institutions in the country, Ufar as socially responsible company, provides a possibility of getting quality drugs for larger number of patients.
  • 2011. Harmonization of UFAR production site with SANDOZ standards regarding technology, as well as standard operational procedures. We completed all required qualifications regarding performance of process systems, processing equipment and suppliers of initial materials. We obtained internal licence by Sandoz quality assurance department, to start manufacture of Sandoz products. We obtained a licence for primary production and packing by our Ministry of health and started manufacturing drugs for Sandoz.
  • 2012. We obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate for manufacture and marketing of medicaments and dietitic food products and HACCP certificate for manufacture of dietetic food products by certification authority TUV-THURINGEN