powder (250gr dose, with 40 bags of 5gr), table sweetener based on fructose and sorbitol
used for diabetes and diets
Diamel Diamel
Diamel is food product on the basis of fructose and sorbitol. It is used for sweetening food and beverages. It is recommended to everyone as replacement for table sugar and especially to diabetes patients and persons on diet. It is well-known that fructose and sorbitol, when consumed do not cause sudden rise of sugar in blood as their metabolism does not require insulin. Sorbitol in Diamel regulates digestion as it bonds water and facilitates purging. Overdose may cause laxative effect.

Diamel has 18% lower energy level than table sugar. It is used in nourishment in the same manner and in same quantity as table sugar. It is thermostable so it can be used for preparation of food and beverages at high temperatures.

Allowed daily intake is 80 g of Diamel per day in equal quantities.

The product contains fructose and sorbitol in equal quantities.

Energy value is 330 kCal on 100g of product.

Commercial packaging:

Dose of 250 g, suitable for use at home.
Box with 40 bags of 5g, practical as individual dose and for application in various situations.

Diamel can be found in all well-supplied wholesale and retail stores – supermarkets, specialized healthy food stores and pharmacies.