Bicarbonate of soda

UFAR d.o.o. decided to to meet the requests and confidence given and renew production of its old product: bicarbonate of soda.
Now the product has new package – as powder of 100 gr in PVC package with dosage cap.

Bicarbonate of soda is used for maintaining hygiene of mucous membrane of oral cavity; it may be dissolved in water or applied directly on toothbrush. It is well-known that, due to its property to create base environment, it can be used for other purposes as well.

Product Bicarbonate of soda powder 100 gr is of high purity and quality. In manufacture of this product are used pharmaceutical raw materials in keeping with specifications of Eurpean pharmacopeia and rule book regarding items of general use. Bicarbonate of soda powder 100 gr meets highest standards of quality, as high quality of UFAR products is maintained by application of HACCP, ISO standards and Good manufacturing practice during manufacture.

Commercial package:

Dose container with 100 gr of bicarbonate of soda powder.

The product is available in all well-supplied wholesale and retail stores – supermarkets, specialized healthy food stores and pharmacies.