Combined potassium salt

Salt shaker 100 gr, replacement for table salt used for hypertension and salt-free diets
Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, for use in hypertension and unsalted diets
Combined potassium salt is the product with low content of sodium - 270 mg/g and increased content of potassium – 160 mg/g, iodized. According to appearance, taste and method of use, corresponds to table salt. It is used as replacement for table salt.

Table salt is primary source of sodium. WHO warns of excessive use of salt. We take in 10-15 gr of salt per day (4 - 6 gr of sodium), but we should take less than 6 gr of salt (2 gr of sodium).

Hypertension is commonest disease of cardio-vascular system. Reduction of sodium and increased intake of potassium are ranked amongst basic precautions in treatment of increased blood pressure. With correct choice and ration to food (avoiding over-salted meat products, over-salted fish or cheese and without adding salt to prepared food etc.) so by using Combined potassium salt, it is possible to maintain continual moderate reduction diet (2 gr of sodium per day, with increased intake of potassium). Period of adaptation is 2 – 3 months, during which the person accepts the reduction diet as permanent method of nourishment. With moderate reduction diet, blood pressure is gradually dicreased, systolic by 12 and diastolic by 6 mm Hg.

Combined potassium salt is recommended in case of increased blood pressure, unsalted diets and for healthier nourishment regime of all family members (balanced intake of basic body electrolites).

Combined potassium salt is used in the same manner as table salt. It is used for salting food instead of table salt.

Commercial package:

Salt shaker with 100 gr of Combined potassium salt.

This product can be found in all well-supplied wholesale and retail stores – supermarkets, specialized healthy food stores and pharmacies.